Welcome to Louis Louis

A perfect hairstyle and a beautiful color depends on the style, the quality, and the structure of your hair. Every type of hair has something to offer and it is always possible to make your hair more beautiful.
Through my years of experience as an artistic hair stylist I know exactly what kind of style fits each person and I will gladly assist you with that. I am specialized in all hair types and I am an expert in curls and Mediterranean hair..

Curls Hairstylist Amsterdam

Don’t be afraid anymore! Because I give you the best advice and appropriate coupe. Cutting curls is a specialty and I have a lot of passion for curls and I have proven that as a stylist for numerous models and celebrities. The technique needed to cut curls perfect means you have to cut in millimeters instead of centimeters. And I will teach you how to treat your curls so they will stay healthy and gorgeous for a longer period.